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Unpleasant Surprises (sequel to Maybe It's Love)

hurray for MORE :D switching back to third person; i hope that doesnt make anything confusing o.o i'm so noob, i be posting everything in small small small parts. cause im lazy (:

Unpleasant Surprises (Sequel to THIS)

The rest of the evening passed quickly. There’s just so much to say. Or well, mostly Donghae asking millions of questions and then getting carried away, and Kibum nodding and sometimes replying with “Yes,” “No,” or “Huh? How does that make any sense?” In 2 short hours, Donghae learned more about Kibum than any other person knew. He’d never bothered to talk much or tell anyone about himself, but with Donghae, things were different. Everything was different. Even his fettuccini alfredo tasted different. Pleasantly different, if that counted for anything.

“Kibum.” They had gotten so into their conversation that they hadn’t noticed the man standing by their table. They looked up simultaneously. Donghae’s face held a look of confusion, and Kibum’s, a look of surprise, disgust, and sadness, all mixed together.

“Why are you here?” he asked, in monotone, his fingers subconsciously going to rest on the scar on his arm.

“To take you home, of course. I know you want me back. I forgive you. Let’s go. And…who’s this?”

Home? I’m not going back to any home of yours. I do not want you back. You have no place to forgive me. And this? This is none of your business. I don’t need this right now. Donghae, I’ll uh, see you around,” and he stormed off, leaving some money for dinner. It was just a little too much (about 300 dollars too much), but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out.

“Bummie, wait!” Donghae stormed after him, taking Kibum’s money and leaving some for the bill.

there will be more (:
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