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first fanfic? [Invitations]

OMG MY FIRST FANFIC! and its KIHAE! and its short, i suck ): no title?
editted 3/14; changed some 20s cause it was weird o.o
editted 3/16; THERES A TITLE NOW ! woohoo.


“Can I sit here?” Here was a grown man, at least 20, asking if he could sit next to another man, no older than 19 when there were about 15 empty tables. Namely, Donghae. The man sitting down raised a brow.

“Uh. Sure.” Donghae smiled his thanks.

“I’m Donghae,” he said. After 5 minutes of silence (yes, 5 whole minutes. Donghae was being patient and quiet), he got an answer.



“You don’t smile much, do you?” Donghae said. How he could make such a statement in 20 minutes of knowing the guy, heaven knows. But he was right on it. Usually, a shrug was all anyone would get out of Kibum, but well, Donghae was special. Even if they’d just met 20 minutes ago.

“Well.. What’s to smile about?” Donghae pouted. Kibum smiled at the cute boy before him. He would have smiled all day if it meant looking at that face for just a little longer.

“You have a beautiful smile…” Donghae said, and sipped his drink to keep from putting his lips on more interesting places. More pleasant places.

“Right. So uh I’m just gonna.. Go now. Nice meeting you,” Kibum said, to avoid the odd conversation that might ensue that compliment. Not that he didn’t want it. He stood up, and started to walk toward the entrance of the café. Halfway out the door, a soft hand grabbed his wrist.

“I… Let’s have dinner,” Donghae said.

Kibum would have said “No thanks,” or maybe “What the hell? I don’t know you.” But for some reason all he could bring himself to do was nod.

Tags: fanfailfiction, kihae
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